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Roland vr09 and in ear monitoring

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hello all! Im trying to minimize my schlep factor and would like to know if the headphone out of the roland vr09 is loud enough for hearing it on stage.


My idea: use an in ear phone plugged direct on the roland, only in one ear. The vocals and other instruments, including a little bit of keys would come from the wedges on stage.


In some places i play, a headphone out from the main mixer with a full band mix is not possible. So im wondering if this hybrid solution would work and free me to carry an amp to be able to hear myself properly.


Is it possible to do that way? Anybody did something like that?

My drawbars go to eleven.

Gear: Roland VR-09, Nord Electro 2 61, Korg CX-3. Hear my music: facebook.com/smokestoneband



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