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Pimp my Roland !


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I am starting this thread to try to inspire a movement in the Keyboard Corner community. So many of us own, or have owned, Roland keyboard amps, which have reliably served their time, but get little love. I say, don't hate your Roland, but instead "Pimp your Roland".


Some of you may be a little confused about the concept, so I'll start:


We start with a lowly Roland KC-100. This is actually a picture of the KC-100's almost look-alike brother, my KC-150, which today remains "un-pimped":



A Roland amp sounds bad and looks boring. One of these two problems is fixable. Pimp my Roland!



A Roland amp is also a bit heavy to move around - another problem that can be remedied. Pimp my Roland!



The old dials looked beat up and ugly. That's right, pimp it!



And fix the broken ground plug while we're at it:



I must credit my son for all this fine work, starting with a used KC-100 he received as a gift from a good friend of ours who moved to Colorado last year.


Who will go next?

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you can put lipstick on a pig...

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