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A friend who works for a sound company and does a lot of megachurch events had one of the players in one of those bands who had one show him everything an proclaimed it the future of amplification.
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I don't think any of the regulars here have one, but there were a couple of guys with the Axe FX things, right?


I have a friend from another forum (which descended from the Line 6 Pod Forums) who lives in South Africa who sells the Kempers as a distributor, and many friends from that now defunct forum who tried them out because of the friend from South Africa. Their consensus was; great units but still a modeling sound, close but no ceegar. The friend who sells them of course used the Kepmpers on his versions of the Friday night jams, so I got a chance to hear the recorded Kemper do what they do.


All of those guys were very good players and tonal experts in their styles of music. I have a great deal of respect for their opinions especially after participating in the Friday Night Jams we used to do, and listening to their versions of the jam of the week.


Of course "close" is sometime good enough for many players who like to tweak and have a whole lot of sound available. I have two sounds that I use, clean and overdrive, tube overdrive that is, with only one effect, reverb mildly. So expensive toys that do all kinds of things is no longer my priority.


I once had 30 synthesizers and samplers in my studio. 4 of them hooked up to my guitar to MIDI setup, and another 4 or 5 in a road case for the backing tracks. All of that a thing of beauty, but none of that helped my playing, they were simply expensive toys I no longer need or want.

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