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Barbetta Sona 32C schematics needed!


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Hi Folks,

My 32C recently fried itself and my repair guy feels it's the transformer.

He needs schematics but can't get through to Barbetta.

Anybody out there have schematics that they're willing to share?

Thanks in advance!



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Call and leave a message at the phone on his site.

He usually gets back to you within a day or two.

Seems he's been busy lately with a new line of studio gear.

Those cabinets were the very best around for a long time, definitely worth fixing.


Lots Of Luck


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My experience is Tony will repair it for you. I tried unsuccessfully to get the specs for my 41-C speakers. He will sell me the speakers, but not give me the specs. I have always had good luck with repairs, but search the forum for others experiences. YMMV.

Jim Wells

Tallahassee, FL



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I've got a 41C that started having issues a few years ago, the power level would cut in and out. I think it's the power supply, it looked to be leaking some gunk (that's the technical term). I've never bothered to repair it because I started using a powered PA speaker. I should do something with it though, it was a great little amp.

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Sorry rainbird, not going to part with mine. Really packs a punch, especially for such a lightweight box. Gigged with it for several years, and still use it for rehearsals or pick-up gigs. I will echo what others have said; I have always found Tony to be responsive and helpful. Hang in there.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


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