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  1. Thanks for the info on this company, Jim. FYI their website is a .net, not .com Audiopile Oops, brain far*. Btw, I have used Redco for custom work, and you are right, they are the bomb.Audiopile is great for cables and adapters, ready made, and reasonably priced. I have many of all types for my PA and keyboards. Thanks!
  2. I always use Audiopile.com. Owners Mark and Liz are great people and easy to work with. They are online and located in Farmington, WA.
  3. For anything other than piano-gigs, I stand. It's exclusively a deliberate performance thing; I'm part of the entertainment, so my physicality is part of the show. The biggest things that have mitigated the wear and tear are: I found very comfortable shoes that are patent leather uppers, on a spongy crepe comfort soul. So in a tux or suit, it appears that I've got great dress shoes, but they are comfortable to dance and stand all evening. Also, I often use a thin outdoor mat with very low pile padding that I picked up at Costco. It's really impressive what a very small amount of padding underfoot can do over the course of a long evening gig. What brand shoes did you buy? I'm looking for something more comfortable than the Cole Haan leather sole oxfords that I have now. I just bought a pair of Kenneth Cole oxfords with a rubber sole, but no go. I'm thinking Allen Edmonds may be my next try. Thanks
  4. I was thinking more about specific acts that I may not know about, being gone for so long. Joe Krown is at Maple Leaf on Sunday and that's about the only name I'm familiar with. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I have lived and played in Baton Rouge and New Orlenas until moving to Florida 20 years ago. I'll be meeting friends in New Orleans on Saturday, staying Saturday and Sunday night. Anyone have some "must see" music suggestions? I've included the entertainment link, but I've been gone so long I wouldn't know where to start. Thanks! Jim Wells Tallahassee, FL https://www.neworleans.com/events/live-music-calendar/?skip=72&startDate=12%2F07%2F2019&endDate=12%2F08%2F2019&sort=date
  6. I've tried several different powered speakers in an attempt to simplify my rig away from the Accugrooves but have been unsuccessful. Those Accugrooves still sound GREAT after all these years and I continue to use them at most every gig. You should hear the band complain when I use the Barbetta's...BTW, I use a CP4 as well, and love it.
  7. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around an 8" speaker for keyboards. These wouldn't be used for bass. Hard to believe the 10" wouldn't sound better. Could the 8" be used as backup PA mains over 2 subs? Thanks!
  8. Same route for me. Super quick.
  9. CP4 on bottom, SK1 on top for me.
  10. It's a fine stand, for sure, and plenty stable. Don't expect it to be as sturdy/stable as the all steel one (I have both).
  11. I have the older steel one, as well. Big weight difference with the aluminum one.
  12. So, i got the Z2 aluminum upper tier from Italy and the stand from the Ebay vendor. I have to say, it is really light. There were only a couple of issues, none major. With my CP4 on the bottom, SK1 on top, it "could" be tipped over, back toward the player, with a good bit of effort. The other thing I hadn't figured on, is when the 2nd tier is installed correctly, it is too wide for the SK1. I had to install the 2nd tier with the knobs to the inside to be able to accommodate the SK1. I will be gigging with the first time this weekend. So far, it's a great stand. No bounce. I've attached pictures. I hope this is helpful for others considering this stand. [/url]
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