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New Kurzweil PC3/PC3K Gig Pack From Dave Weiser!


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Hey guys, just thought I'd let you all know that Dave Weiser has now just released a brand new gig back for the Kurzweil PC3/PC3K series keyboards! The focus for this set is on gig-ready acoustic piano and Fender Rhodes sounds, along with two additional analog-type synth sounds. The idea is that these sounds are meant to fit well in a band mix, cutting through without being muddy. There's also lots of real-time controls assigned to controllers on the keyboard, ready to go.


Also, it should be noted - although these are meant for the PC3/PC3K series, they will work on all current Kurzweil pro keyboards.


Demos can be found on SoundCloud HERE.


Lots of more information on the set, and where you can buy it on his website is HERE.

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If they're anything like his other expansion packs they'll be AMAZING.


Now I want a PC3.

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Fourcade, how much better is the acoustic piano compared to the delivered pianos, from a tone point of view (darker?, brighter?), and from an envelope decay point of view (longer decay? Same?). I'm looking for brighter and longer decay. Does the set deliver this?

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Hi DlwDave,

The acoustic piano sounds tight and bright in the mids and mid lows, less boomy than current in the lows, and well defined in the mid highs.

The treatment of decay is natural, just more pronounced in the mids and highs (but not loooonger).

IMHO is a good recipe for busy mixes, unlike the pianos delivered, that sounds very well alone or in trio, but ending a little muddy when there are many instruments.


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It's got "brighter" covered, with Hi and Hi-Mid EQ on sliders. The Hi-Mid is nice for cutting through without sounding overly or artificially bright. Crank both up together (plus the low-cut EQ) and it will cut through even the toughest of mixes. ;)


I didn't really mess with the envelope settings. The compressor setting *does* help give a perception of long-ish decay.


The new Rhodes program stands out a bit more from PC3 ROM as it uses some additional samples, where the piano is only relying on base ROM piano samples.

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