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Simple Windows 7 Software for Practicing? Recommendations?


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Outrageously overdue to wean myself away from...(shameful confession) making practice CDs from MP3s and playing along with those CDs to learn tunes. I have a little Alesis unit which allows me to transpose, change pitch slightly, and slow down passages on the fly. I can also repeat tracks. I realize this confession is somewhat like saying I still use a rotary dial telephone (I don't.) ;) I googled music software and my mind is a bit boggled. What I really want and need are the above functions, with the option of creating a practice playlist. If your recommended software includes other functions, I'm fine with that as long as the software is well-written, intuitive, and for a Windows 7 PC. I believe in reimbursing a software developer for a well-made product, so not limiting this to freeware. What practice software have you folks found to be intuitive and useful?
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