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  1. If you live close enough to Chicago where you're considered in the Bears market area, and live close enough to a local TV station, you could consider an antenna. Since the conversion to digital over-the-air broadcast, the picture quality is perfect (better than cable even because it's not compressed). I installed one 10 years or so ago and get all my local TV (including Bears games) that way. And of course, it's free (besides the initial outlay for the antenna of course).
  2. I could listen to Fagen and Becker all day... [Fagan] "And there ya go... in other words {shrug}" [Becker] "Speaks for itself, really..."
  3. Protection from Behringer using it for a clone...
  4. As an avid follower of the "Dig My Rig" thread, I have to say I can't think of anything that makes a rig stand out more than those chrome Gibralter stands do. One of these days...
  5. Ludovico Einaudi seems to be enjoying a little surge in popularity (possibly due to his music being used in the film Nomadland). I think this one is my favorite to play:
  6. Hey JamPro, I'm not sure the instructions will be the same on all WIndows systems. But all I do is set the Audio Host (this is the left-most pull-down under the transport controls) to Windows WASAPI. Then on my system I have the Recording Device pull-down (just to the right) set to Speakers (loopback). Then just click Record and start playback of the video in YouTube. You should see the audio coming into Audacity. Once you have the audio recorded, click File > Export and select what format you want to save. That should be all there is to it. Let us know if you're still stuck...
  7. Yup, that's how they hooked me. I hate almost everything about my Mac Mini (I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Windows guy)... but I love Mainstage so I put up with it.
  8. I'm with ya on this... my Mac Mini is 2012. I forget the processor speed, but it's an i7 and I did upgrade the RAM to 16 GB. Heck, I don't even have an SSD. Runs great for everything music (Logic, Pianoteq, all other VST's I've wanted with no problems). If I upgraded to an SSD I bet it would really fly. The M1 is enticing and all that, but then I stop and think what is it really going to get me? One day I guess...
  9. Sorry, didn't mean for that to sound confrontational... anything but. Just meant that Intel is a chip company, with a very well-funded R & D department with highly qualified engineers. Even if the M1 might give Apple a current leg up in the computer processor arena (which is just one of many), I'm pretty certain Intel has lots of stuff in the pipeline and will continue to compete.
  10. Eh... my son turned me on to them around a year or so ago. Thought they were somewhat interesting. Then I went to Summer Camp music fest and saw them on the schedule so I checked 'em out. I think Clyde is the goods and the band was tight, but their show was waaay too much of the Broadway musical thing drawback mentioned. But I'm probably not their target demographic...
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