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Making a Hammond M100 sound dirtier


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First proper post here, although I've been lurking and adding the odd comment for a while. I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some advice.


I've just bought a Hammond M100 which came with a jack output fitted and a Leslie 310. I'm dead chuffed with it but playing it with the band for the first time last night it was sounding a bit too 'theatre organ' to me. I think I need to try and get a 'dirtier' sound.


I realise the weak link here is probably the 310, as it's a solid state Leslie with simulated bottom rotor but I was thinking of trying a tube guitar distortion pedal between the Hammond and the Leslie.


Does anyone have any recommendations of pedals that might sound good for organ?


I know the Mini-Vent for organ is the obvious choice but that's out of my price range at the moment because it would cost as much as my share of the organ and the Leslie (I went halves with the owner of the studio where it's now kept).


There's a Digitech Bad Monkey pedal on Amazon that gets good reviews for guitar but I was wondering if anyone had used something like this on organ?







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The sound you are referring to is due to having a tube pre-amp as well as a tube power amp in a leslie 147 or 122. the 310 being solid state will never give you the tube power overdrive piece of the equation. If you feel your issue is more pre-amp related then try this:



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Even the 760 sounds pretty good when overdriven. Did the 310 not copy Don Leslie's FET circuit? That's too bad.


Silly question, have you tried turning down the Leslie and putting the pedal to the metal?


Another option may be to add a zener overdrive circuit to your amplifier. Or mismatched power tubes. :D



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That's what I was going to suggest. This is definitely worth a try, and you can't beat the price!

Just don't overdo it on this. I melted the protective fuse lamp when I turned this up too high using a SS leslie 130 speaker. Sounded great while it lasted!

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