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Capabilities of Moogs - best models, features, overview


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I agree! You have to play one to understand a lot of the appeal. And the tone & timbre really cuts through in all ranges, especially in a live context. It also stands out well in a lot of recordings as well!



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When it had just come out, I played this one:




and a little later a Moog Source, and of course much more recently I've played a little while with a Voyager, and probably have been around a few more, and certainly I've heard more of them live, and evidently on the internet.


I'd say if I were rich (richer than I've been thus far, anyhow), I'd have wanted a PolyMoog and a MemoryMoog, and I wouldn't fear I'd get bores with those. Of course the Moog to covet seriously is a serious Modular Moog (of course I've heard the pedals with simple blocks, that works too, but I mean the whole big machine with all the modules.


In short, practically, probably I should have spent the relatively little money in the 80s when I could've bought a Pro One.



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