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My big week


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Hey folks,


After two painful months of being restricted to playing once a week (Remember this thread?), I'm back home on a leave of absence from the Katimavik program. On Saturday, I'm auditioning for Grant MacEwan University's Jazz and Contemporary Pop Piano Bachelor's Degree. ( Clonk) I'm a little stressed, but not overly. I had basically prepared myself to audition in December. Now, it's just about making sure stuff like technique and sight-reading are as good as they can be. I know, I know, you can't cram for this stuff, but it's what I'm doing. :D


Anyway, I'm practicing a lot these next four days. Starting with a little warm-up that includes some exercises from KM. :thu: Then, technique:

-Major and minor thirds, up and up-down, two octaves.

-Hanon 1 & 2, Major, natural minor and harmonic, two octaves.

-Scales, major and all minors, four octaves.

-Arpeggios, major, major7, dom7, minor 7, half-diminished 7, diminished 7, four octaves.


Then, sight reading with the High Fidelity musical, some easier Debussy and Chopin, the Real Book and whatever other pop stuff is around.


Then, shedding my tunes. Nardis, Softly as in a Morning Sunrise and Le vieux en veut encore (Yann Tiersen).


Got a lesson on Friday. I've also got to write up charts and make sure my ears are up to par. Not worried at all about the theory part of the exam, though. Maybe I can squeeze in a bit of transcription, too.


Anyway, just wanted to share this with you guys, since I've leaned so much here and look up to so many players. Have a good week and play lots! :cool::)

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Eric, I think it is great that you have been afforded the opportunity to pursue a music education. You will kick azz straight through mayne. :thu::cool:



"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."--E. Ahbez "Nature Boy"

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Hey Eric,


Grant MacEwan is a great school, and you're so fortunate to have Edmonton as your home while you go there. I'm glad you're able to take advantage of it. Speaking of guys you look up to, one of mine is...




Best of luck on your audition!








Here for the gear.

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