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Korg SV-1 Rhodes vs Yamaha CP1 Rhodes ?


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Different players with different backing tracks... I like them both. I think the Yamaha demo sounds a little more percussive or clacky and the Korg demo rounder and warmer. I think I prefer the Korg, I know I prefer the Korg player, but I like the Yamah too.



Yamaha CP1 ( Rhodes starts at 1:40 into the clip):




Korg SV-1 (Rhodes starts at 0:47 into the clip):



By the way, here's Roland's SRX-12 vs Scarbee:



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It sounds like Korg went for the earlier Rhodes sound -- i.e. 1970'ish Mark I and Yamaha went with a later model. Both sound great (and are played really well). Really like the clavinet sound w/ wah on the SV-1.


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I'm kinda wondering how this can be anything like a meaningful comparison: a 2,000-dollar, lightweight and relatively new instrument against one which will cost around five grand, weighs nearly half as much again and which has only been played by a handful of people in a presumably fairly noisy room at a trade show?

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