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Does anybody else...


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What's with the Ridgeway theme lately, picker? ;)


Interesting to see a young Tom Waites in the clip. He was just brilliant in the current "The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus."


I hadn't even heard of that film yet, Scott; but with Terry Gilliam directing- among my very favorite filmmakers- it's probably going to be excellent, at the least. :cool:

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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I never heard that tune before, but I do have an old friend, who now lives in Beverly Hills, that goes way back with Stewart, and the rest of the Police, way back before they made it big, some of the stories I have heard from my friend regarding those guys were very surprising.
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I had heard that by the time they quit working together that they couldn't stand the sight of each other, but that's a pretty common tale for bands, seems like. What did your buddy have to say?

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They can't stand Sting is the truth. He believes his own myth. They each have a full time accountant on the road with them to keep things straight. I think they did three or four hundred million this last tour. The band actually belongs to Stewart Copeland, he and his brother (or brothers) own all of the rights to the name etc. Actually it would not be hard to deal with folks you can't stand (other than musically or business wise), because you have a ton of money to put people between you and the other members when off stage. That is what they did. The most arguing was at the rehearsals for the show, Sting wanted to change the whole flavor of the pop songs, and of course the other two band members, and all of the fans would not stand for that.


Stewart was on that tour and he was given tickets to a seminar with Sir George Martin, so he gave them to my friend Steve, and Steve attended that seminar. A few weeks later Steve and his then wife came over to Arizona to visit the wifeee and I, and on the way to Sedona from Mesa where they were staying, I got the whole story from him. Both of us are big Beatles/George Martin admirers, so that ride was one interesting ride.

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I don't remember that track...& FWIW, I don't think I will after today, either.


Those interested in some of the Police/Stewart Copeland backwash might check out SC's recent memoir, Strange Things Happen.

Parts are actually interesting.

As for der Stringer, I think he suffers from the "everything comes easy" syndrum that afflicts cats like McCartney, etc., & sometimes makes others resentful.


I will say I like a lot of his work & that the Po-Po would've gotten exactly 2 feet w/out his songwriting & singing skills.

On the other hand, this past holiday season I actually considered a bomb-threat to a local radio station thet kept playing some old Christmas song where he felt required to mis-pronounce "ha' penny" as "hay penny".

Cripes, he's English already; you'd think he new how to pronounce words properly !

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... some of the stories I have heard from my friend regarding those guys were very surprising.


Familiarity breeds contempt. I was in that business for a long long time and the stories are much weirder than most can imagine. In the 70s Emerson, Lake, and Palmer could not stand each other. They each had their own dressing room, with labels for the doors, "Emerson", "Lake", and "Mr Palmer". and that is one of the simpler, easier and nicer stories.

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Well, if you're in a touring band, I can see how seeing those people on a constant basis could get old. Even in our office, where we like each other, sometimes we get on each others' nerves.


I think of poor bands, like blues outfits, where the whole band had to share one hotel room - that'd be hard to deal with, I think!


Of course, there are the bloated egos some stars get.. especially if they get famous before they had a chance to mature.

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The song did get some airplay, I recall hearing it on the radio for a while. The film seemed like one of those things that critics like but didn`t connect with the popcorn crowd. I didn`t really connect the two until it was mentioned here.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


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