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Gary Moore


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I knew he was in Thin Lizzy, but haven't heard him from that era...can anyone suggest some good stuff from then to check out?


I'm a bad one to answer, because I like a whole lot of Thin Lizzy. I even like their up-speed version of Nightlife, in spite of the strings. Nightlife, Bad Reputation, Johnny the Fox all have good songs on them, if you like riff-based hard rock songs. The dual guitar riffs between Scott and Gary work very nicely.

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Steve Martin


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...there were some moments where he just burst into a big flurry of notes that had no connection to what he was playing before, and no connection to what he played after.


He could have had a spider suddenly crawling on his private parts and that was what he was feeling at the time. It's very fitting in that case. ;)


The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the.... OMG TIME FOR A MASSIVE LEGATO UP AND DOWN THE FRETBOARD!!!!! :rawk:

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I like Gary Moore. :wave: Check this out. :rawk:


Gary playing some tasty chops with a jazz band...




Gary with Eric playing an Irish/Thin Lizzy song for Phil...






and a Hendrix cover






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