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Does this piece of gear exist?


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Okay... this question doesn't specifically have to do with keyboards, but my experience on these forums has been so helpful and friendly so far that I have to try.


I'm wondering if there's such a thing as a stereo A/B switch for instrument cables.


Here's my situation: I have a keyboard and an electronic drumset running to my external sound card. The sound card has only one set of RL inputs, and since I have two things I want going in, I'm constantly unplugging right and left cables from the keyboard and plugging them into the drums, and back and forth.


It'd be simpler if I could just leave the keyboard AND drums plugged into an A/B switchbox, and then switch between them with the press of a button.


Does something like this exist? I've done some research but haven't found anything.


Hopefully this made sense! And I apologize if this is way out of bounds of the forum's subject.

- Nate

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I'm certain you could get a small Behringer mixer for the cost of a decent stereo switch-box. I don't know where you are but I'd check Craigslist first. You can get a 12 channel Behringer for under $90 new!
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Jake - Thank you! That looks close! It gives me hope, at least.

Tony - Haha, yes, a mixer would probably work. But I figured a small A/B switcher thingy would be a bit cheaper...


Why would you overly complicate things? What if you get a third thing you want to route into your sound card? Another A/B switcher running into the first one? :freak:


Just get the mixer and be done with it. :wave:

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You can buy NEW Yamaha MG mixers for like $100, Behringers for cheaper.


Or, you could buy that switchbox, adaptors, cables, or adaptor cables, maybe some duct tape to keep the adaptors on the cables....... :freak:

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Yeah, it's called a mixer.


Not quite a laugh, but the first smile of the day. (And that was also my thought as well, ... get a mixer.)

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I would have assumed that type of thing would be pretty easy to find. Guitar players often use line switching boxes to use multiple amps. Maybe stereo versions are tougher to come by. I guess I would agree that maybe a little mixer is the way to go. I don't know that those switch boxes lightbg linked to are up to the task.
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4-ch mixer - $29



Oops, that one's mono...


2 mono ch's, 2 stereo ch's, FX send w/stereo returns:


Behringer mixer - $49


And the mono ch's are XLR so you can run mic's if need be.



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well, if your studio grows with a life of its own as so many do, you may find a simple patch panel to be a better answer to start with... no electronics to add grunge to the signal (like a cheap mixer would add) cleaner and more elegant than a couple of switcher boxes, and far more useful in the long run. The top row of a 'half-normalled' bay (typically used for $20-$60)would 'normally' route the output of a device (like your keys) to an input (your sound card) on the bottom row of the same vertical pair of jacks. No cables needed. Top row=device outputs. Bottom row=device inputs. To send a different device output to the sound card input, jack from that device to the sound card inputs. This also interrupts the output of the device 'normalled' to the sound card. Oh, and THAT device can also be jacked elsewhere. This system allows you to grow.



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Here you go:



Hosa SLW-333


3 stereo inputs to a single stereo output. Of course you can buy a small mixer for less than this unit, but then it is possible that those cheap little mixers may impart some tone colorization to the signal which may or may not be desirable, where a simple switch box will not.

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