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Motion Sound KBR-3D The Best?


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I have a S90ES, a Tyros2 and a Nord Stage Compact.


Now I'm using a Dynacord AM-12 as Stagemonitor and Mini-PA when I'm playing Solo.


I heard from the keyboard amps Motion Sound KBR-M and KBR 3-d and I'm pretty interested. The problem in Austria I have no real chance to test one.


I see two problems too:

one is the prize, and the oher one is the weight!!!



But does it sound really that good?

IS it so much better for organs than this really good simulations (B42, Nord Stage,..)?


Is Stereo really a good thing or is it unnecessary?

Does this amp really sounds like a leslie?


What about the "other"amp. (not the rotor) Is this like a "ounding Amp"? I mean is it instead of the amp-simulations in the nord stage or the s90es or do I "need" this too?


I mean if it forms my sound is it also good for acoustic pianos, brass sounds or synth or is it just super for epianos?

thanks a lot for your help.


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I know finding a good and honestly priced leslie is hard in our region (I'm practically your neighbour). Leslie adds a great deal to your "true" hammond sound. I use a xk1 through a leslie clone, and the difference between the xk through it and the xk1 through PA (with leslie sim) is really big. It just sounds so much better when the sound is actually tossed around the room by real rotation.


I recommend trying to find a real leslie, or a leslie clone. You can find clones really cheap, (Elkas, Soltons etc) They don't sound exactly like the real thing (different spin up and spin down times and similar differences), but they still sound better than leslie simulations.


My leslie (clone) isn't good for piano, nor any other sound other than hammond/e.piano. It colors the sound in a way that isn't good for piano, it just sounds weird and oddly EQed. Organ via leslie, other keyboards via PA is the way to go.

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It depends on your situation I think.


I have a KBR-M (and a Leslie btw). In a rock band situation, the

rotary part improves your organ sound depending on what you're using. Back when I had a Hammond XK-2, I thought it really added to the sound. Exactly like a Leslie? No. Moving air and improving that clone? Indeed! However, I found the stationary channel to be very boxy sounding, and difficult to get a good sound especially with acoustic piano sounds. I don't believe they even make the M anymore. As an all in one solution it was OK in the day, but you can do better these days for sure.


I would think with the quality of the Leslie sim in your Nord, you're better off just using that. But both of these models go back quite a few years. The new spinning horn (Pro 3X?) gets pretty good reviews, so that by itself with a powered full range speaker might be a good combo if you must have real rotary.


Are you happy with what you have currently in terms of sound, or are you trying to get smaller?

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I've had great times with the nord stage and a KBR-3D. with the separate outs on the nord to the rotary ch, and stereo for the rest. Stereo mic out's, If I need more, I hook-up another custom leslie to the dry organ output for the dual leslie sound. All fits in my Camery for my 4hr road trip.

I do have to crank the volume up pretty on the KBR-3D when it's by it's self tough, since I'm always next to an Ampeg 8-10 cab.

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As I've written in the past, I very much like my KBR-3d for what I do. I sometimes need to get a little boost by going through the mains, but the XLR outs in the back of the KBR-3d make that a snap. It is certainly not a perfect substitute for a real leslie, but in light of its size/weight, etc., it's a nice alternative. Hard to beat without getting into multiple components.
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My KBR-3D sounds pretty damned good when I run my C3 through it. The VK7, not so much. I don't own a Leslie (yet) and the KBR is what I use as a pre-amp for the Hammond to go to my digital mixer/daw. The Voyager sounds ferocious through it. My RD-700sx, however, doesn't sound so good. Can't seem to dial it in to be as musical as I'd like. But for the occasional live set I play it does the job without having to haul a mixer.

So, for me, it seems to be a matter of "garbage in, garbage out." The better the sound source, the better the performance of the amp.



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I had one for quite a few years, and it sounded great but wasn't very usable at gigs due to the weird implementation of the signal chain, which made it difficult to get an appropriate match between stage volume and the signal feed to the FOH board.


They might have revved it since then; I forget. I haven't been to NAMM since 2007. I always talk to those guys/gals; they're great people and we always enjoy catching up.


I know they did correct the errors of the KBR3D in later models, and also redid the standalone Pro3T as the Pro3X(?) with a switch to FET to emulate the tube sound. They're always improving their product towards the musician's stage needs, reliability, routing concerns, etc. They really listen to their customers.

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Killer Loop,


I agree it depends on the gig. It really is a nice package system.


The Leslie is just 'ok', better than a sim in the fact that it is moving air and sound around the room and gives a fair about or rotation. The horn is the weak spot.


The 'fast' 10's in the straight channel I have had some issues with in regard to the punch they have for piano. They are a bit dull too I find. Surprisingly, I found synth sounds sound pretty good from them.


I play so many smaller gigs now that I use it in frequently these days ( 1 gig per month on average)... but I can't sell it. It's a great all in one system in a fairly small all in one package.


I put a lot of work into mine also and know the piece inside and out. It's a keeper for me. Great utility in it but sonically you can do better (and also have to bring more gear to do it most likely).



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