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quick auto-tune app?


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I need to play in keys for a project i got the wav files. But the entire thing is off tune. This means as soon as you start playing the keys it will seem like the -keys- are out of tune.

Since the keys are always based on A=440 I want to quickly tune the wav file of the backingtrack to fit that setting. I -dont- want to start tuning up/down my synthesizers to adjust them to the backingtrack. I want to do the opposite, adjusting the backingtrack to fit the keys (a=440).


Anyone knows an app that can do this kind of tuning of a full backingtrack quickly and automatically so atleast I won't get so annoyed when trying to get my synths in tune with it?

I don't wanna spend 30 minutes tuning the track manually with my ears, I don't have perfect pitch so small adjustments are hard for me to judge (also got one hell of a migraine right now).


It's got to be done automatically.

It's gotta be something freeware of trialware cause Im running out of time.


Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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Make sure they didn't give it to you 48 and you're at 44.1 or vise versa. No matter what, it's gonna take time,you're gonna hear the artifacts of doing this, and you need ears. Most any 2track edit program will allow you to change pitch or if you're on a mac you could try the AU pitch plugin, or another route would be to put it on analog tape and vso the machine and record it back into the daw. Be sure and remind them that this is why they need you there in the beginning, so these things don't happen and costs them even more money. It's easier to do it right the first time and always include notes on sampling rates.
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Acid will do it for you, but as linwood mentioned, it may be at 48 instead of 44.1

If this is the case, you may be able to set your audio card to 48, which would be the easiest way to solve the problem.

I received a bunch of files in 48 from a Pro-tools session once, and just switched the card to 48 before booting up all the apps.

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Too bad. I don't know of anything that will do it auto. Hey, maybe you could download a melodyne demo and see if that will work for you. Sounds like you don't have too much time to fool around with this. Don't you just hate it when someone throws you a nightmare and of course they want you to play great on their crap and what they give you to play to is working against you the whole time. Oh....and there's no extra money for fixing the problem for them. I feel your pain, brother.
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Since the keys are always based on A=440 I want to quickly tune the wav file of the backingtrack to fit that setting.


Doesn't Audacity allow pitch adjustment?



Oops, sorry. Missed the part about needing it done automatically.

One option: Send a small section (a few bars) to me or someone else to work it out for you. Then just transfer the settings to Audicity there.



DigitalFakeBook Free chord/lyric display software for windows.
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