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Opinion on CP-33


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Welcome to the forum, The.


Probably you need to say what your requirements/expectations in a keyboard are, and if you have any questions about the specific instrument.


And maybe change your topic to "CP-33 Opinions Needed" - When I saw your topic I thought someone was giving an opinion on something like region or the economy or the war in Iraq.



Here for the gear.

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Your opening statement is strong which suggests your mind is already made up. :)


Our opinions don't really matter especially if you cannot go beyond that price point. Why?


Well, if we start recycling our opinions on the various KBs, you might end up with NOTHING, just dazed and confused. Follow brother G's advice above if you don't believe me. ;)


Today, my opinion is that if you have already test driven this KB of all of the models in your price range and it really knocks you out, go for it.


Turn it on, start playing, practicing, composing, etc. Enjoy it. Good luck and welcome to the forum. :):cool:



"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."--E. Ahbez "Nature Boy"

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My apologies for not being specific.


I live in Pakistan and I am ordering the CP-33, Now I don't have access to any digital piano i.e. to go out there and play it, get the feel and select it. I couldn't find official demos either so I relied on forum reviews and youtube videos. Thats why I would like to know if you feel there is anything YOU feel is better in that price range.


the action is really important for me. I like warm piano sounds, and i would like a buy as close to authentic sounds as possible. No synths required, would like a good organ sound though

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