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GP's March '08 List- What is the best clean tone ever? Vote!

Madaline G.

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For our March issue, we're including a list of the top clean tones ever and we want you all to nominate and vote for the choices. Polling closes on December 5th. FOR NOMINATIONS: PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING FORMAT-

ARTIST NAME // ALBUM (italic) // "TRACK" (in quotes)

Thanks guys!

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I will have to check Vince! I'm pretty sure I saw your name on there though! And here is another SORE POINT! Do you think we have been patient enough waiting for some kind of recognition of OUR FORUM POLL we designed,participated in and presented the results to the editor? I cannot even get anyone on that staff to return my posts on our results even after I and Craig where assured they would make plans on publishing the results! I know you have seen my posts and Craig's posts on the Editor link. This is something to remember when we are asked to participate in a poll! Frankly I'm embarrassed I asked this Forum to work with us and participate (our members did a great job on it) now I don't know what to tell them.
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Hi gang...


I didn't think this would be a problem -- sorry.


Madaline is for real. She's on the masthead as she says, and she has been an invaluable help to the staff on magazine and Web matters. In this case, she is in charge of collecting the "new" lists from the GP Forum that we'll publish in the magazine each month.


Some background...


During GP's 40th anniversary, we had our monthly "Top 40" lists, and, quite frankly, they were a lot of work to conceptualize, post, compile, and edit each month so I was glad to see them end with the December 2007 issue.


However, the flip side is that these lists generated tons of interest and comment from the community. So, after a couple of months rest, the staff decided to re-ignite 'em with the March 2008 issue. And I put Madaline in charge.


The other change in format is, rather than grab lists from a bunch of forums (as I did in 2007), we're only going to the GP Forum for the 2008 lists because I want to promote THIS online community.


I hope this message calms any nerves. And, hey, Madaline is super cool and but a teen -- so please be nice to her! (There are my daddy/uncle complexes roaring out!)


If you have any other comments or concerns about the "new" GP lists, please post them here or e-mail me directly at mmolenda@musicplayer.com.


Again, sorry for any confusion here.


All the best,


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As for the forum poll, I will schedule it soon. I needed to spend some pages in the last couple of issues for backlogged articles and so on, but this WILL appear as promised.


Thanks for all the work you put into it -- and thanks to all the people who voted.


I'll keep you posted on when it will run in GP in this forum.


Sorry for the "non communication" on this one. The end of the year is always a head buster at GP Central, and I apologize for my lack of manners.




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Welcome Madaline.


I think you'll find us a friendly bunch here. As Kramer put it, this little misunderstanding certainly does show our loyalty to the magazine.


I hope we will be able to work together on these polls to help boost membership here and also increase the magazine's readers.


Please feel free to PM me if you need any help setting up the polls or have any questions.

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Now that that's been taken care of... Please nominate and vote!




First off, WELCOME TO OUR FORUM!! :wave: :wave: :wave:


We didn't mean any disrespect by your, er, initiation here. We get some pretty strange folks that run thru here occasionally. You are welcomed, and I hope that you find us a pretty decent bunch.


I'd nominate John Fogerty....both with CCR and solo.



"There once was a note, Pure and Easy. Playing so free, like a breath rippling by."






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Thanks a bazillion to all you cool cats for the help!


We'll be doing this every month, and it's really all about this forum, so please feel free to vote for future topics, as well. The "clean tone" list for this month (March 2008 issue) was selected by the GP editors just to get things started, but I'd be more than happy to hand over the monthly list selection to you, and have Madaline manage the compiling and editing.


Please let me know how you'd like to proceed for the April issue and onward. Deadlines are typically the first week of the month, so the April list will be due around January 3-5, 2008.




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