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  1. I once had a gig in Fairfield, CT., a hefty drive from north Jersey where I lived. Got there and realized I had left my cord bag at home. One cord was my B3-to-Leslie multi-pin cable. Found a local Hammond store, hopped down there ASAP - they were just about to close - and they had a cable, but it would have cost me more than I would have made that night. Instead, I got a six-foot Leslie-to-Leslie jumper. Played the gig with the Leslie about four feet from my head.
  2. 'Nuff? ' Nuff?!? Was it 'nuff when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? When did the Germans bomb Pearl Harbour? Right after the Japanese invaded Poland.
  3. Hey, RABid - If you"re wondering what to get me, the Hydrasynth Deluxe would be appreciated!
  4. Not important at all. Doesn"t matter how many I have, nor how many others have. It helps that the very few jerks that show up, don"t last long. Instead of 'liking' hundreds of non-jerks ( can"t dislike anybody ) I just don"t like anybody. (That sounds weird now that I read it)
  5. I"m not near the flooded area, but my heart goes out to the people of Waverly/Humphrey county. Twenty lives lost - horrible. When I lived in Murfreesboro, I got to see the 'Volunteer State' in action up close. A tornado ripped through my neighborhood (Barfield) in January"97. The outpouring of support - financial/emotional/moral - was a thing to behold. Tanks for asking, Kuru.
  6. Sn If you meant something else "in context" then the way your formatted your message is bad. As it is, Mike Martin was the first reply to the OP in which he said "Chuck is still the chairman," and, "...I don't share his skepticism." You specifically referenced those two lines from Mike's reply, and then below added your "Gullibull" and "Nincompoop" comment. How else is anyone supposed to read that other than you are calling out Mike Martin and basically saying he's ignorant? No one is editing your words. When I first read Motif88"s post, I thought maybe I"m taking it the wrong way or misinterpreting it. Seems others are seeing it as an insult to Mr. Martin also - shame on you Motif88! Back to SW - I"ve had nothing but positive experiences with them. Always got what I thought was a fair price. My rep would always check in with me after a purchase, or notify me about something I asked him to notify me. Never bothersome. I hope this changeover doesn"t affect any of this. Never can tell.
  7. I remember hearing 'Satisfaction ' for the first time. That beat! That fill after 'â¦no no-no noâ¦'. My life immediately veered off in the R"n"R direction. First drum lessons, later piano. RIP, Charlie.
  8. I had this problem when I used to try and get my acoustic/electric guitar to play through my NS3. Turns out there are 2 different types of 1/8' TRS connectors- one slightly more bulbous at the tip. That"s the one to use with Nord. I was having problems with crackling or ground hum or no signal at all. Then I put a cheapo extension cable on it, and worked fine.
  9. Holy Moly, Max!!! What a fun place to hang, I"m sure.
  10. I only voted for A.R. only. If Magical Mystery Tour was listed, that would have been number 2.
  11. I know I"m sounding like a dirty old man, but is Stockholm filled with beautiful women, or what?
  12. So sorry for your loss, Grey. Condolences to you & yours.
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