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  1. I was wondering if anyone is using a pair of these for AP sounds and if so what was your experience? They have good reviews and the form factor is appealing. I am trying to pick speakers for a 15x13 rehearsal room that I am setting up and would put these at one end of the room, on small stands. This would be used for keys and vocals, mainly jazz standards. Charlie
  2. On the new mixer I totally agree and hopefully that won't be too far in the future. I have learned through this that it is better to have everyone use normal XLR inputs and DI boxes for simpler results. These mixers advertise a lot of channels but the number of XLR mic level inputs is what really matters. Anyway I am going to try the headphone output next rehearsal.
  3. Are you using the triple pedal that comes with FP-90? Some pedals have a little switch on the side that controls the polarity - you might check for that. I have an FP-90 if there is any experiment I can help you with. Charlie
  4. Thanks for the advice. I did try the XLRs directly to other inputs on the mixer with better success so it is either something with these mixer channels that are specifically for line input or my XLR to 1/4 adapters. Had a "low tech" idea. Could I just use the headphone output from my Nord to the mixer? I would just need something to split the stereo signal into separate 1/4" L and R channels. Charlie
  5. HI All, I am trying to run the XLR outputs from my Motion Sound 408s to a Behringer mixer. The only remaining channels on this mixer are the line level input channels with 1/4" jacks but I though this should be fine for a keyboard. I used an adapter to convert XLR to 1/4" balanced adapter. The problem I am experiencing is that the levels are very low and to hear much of anything I had to max out volume on the amp and Nord Piano. Any suggestions on how to improve this setup? Would a DI box help? Charlie
  6. I have the FP-90. I don't care much for the internal AP sound for home use but the action is very nice. It is really heavy to transport. My current favorite piano sound is UA Ravel. Charlie
  7. I have about a 13x15 ft bedroom that I want to turn into a rehearsal space for a jazz combo with acoustic bass, guitar, piano, drums, vocals. The speakers would be for vocals and maybe for piano. Should I be looking at studio monitors or small PA speakers? Charlie
  8. Regarding "reasonably priced" I wasn't thinking of spending more than $300.
  9. I like the specs on the 5th generation Rode - having USB and XLR makes for a lot of flexibility. I already have a zoom recorder, but I have not tried it as a USB microphone. It certainly is worth investigating. Regarding the iRigStream it also seems like a handy device but I need a microphone because I am recording a grand piano.
  10. HI All, I am looking for a reasonably priced microphone for recording piano, the main purpose being to share recordings with friends and teachers. It needs to be a significant improvement quality wise from recording with an iPhone sitting next to me on the bench which is noisy and distorted. It would be really handy if the microphone had a USB interface so I could just use my laptop and avoid the hassle of an audio interface. Comments or suggestions?
  11. Update: I have taken the pedal apart and the connectivity to the connections is fine. I might try cleaning the contacts on the Nord side, but I am reluctant to take apart the Nord. I wonder if anyone in the group knows of tricks to tighten a jack from the outside.
  12. Thanks all for the tips. I think using eq is something I am going to have to gain some experience with. On the nord because you have to set the frequency of the mid. What is a typical frequency to use? Another issue I have is that the amp is a couple feet of behind me (on a milk crate) and sounds really loud to me - almost intimidating - yet when I hear the band recorded through a mic in front of the stage the piano is really quiet. Should I put the amp somewhere else or just accept that it it needs to sound really loud to me?
  13. HI All, I play in a jazz combo and have been struggling to get a satisfying sound live. I have a Nord Piano 4 played through a Motion Sound 408s. The issue I have is that the piano sounds "tinny" thin and too bright and I can't get the warmth of a real piano. I know there are always better amplification systems but here I am looking for recommendations on different piano patches or effects or eq. I should use. On the other hand, the Nord is fun to play through headphones. I almost always use the White Grand. I use the White Grand since that sounds great through headphones but perhaps there are better choices for playing jazz live. I am interested in hearing the experience of others. There are so many pianos available I need to narrow it down to one or two. Charlie
  14. Thank you SO MUCH for the detailed response and pictures. I will let you know how it goes.
  15. I have the FP-90 which has the same keybed as the RD2000. Here are my comments: - I love the action, it feels really great. If you can tolerate the weight this is a great instrument to have just for the keyboard. - The acoustic pianos don't sound very realistic to my ear. For home practice I exclusively use software pianos. The sound was fine for band play but I decided it was too heavy to transport and got someone else for the road. - The bluetooth and aux inputs seems very prone to buzzing and ground loops. Don't plan on using those in any serious manner. - There is no integrated power supply which I find very annoying given the weight. - The interface is easy to use.
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