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  1. Very nice setup. I am designing a similar idea, built into a music stand.
  2. stupid question…. Can the problem be solved by simply using the 1/4” input on the mixer instead of the XLR? The mic pre on the mixer may be in play.
  3. My apologies to the OP. I switched to ForScore (on iPad) a few months ago. It works so much better than my old system of three ring binders and paper sheets. With my paper system, I would use scotch tape whenI had long pieces (say six pages or so). The scotch tape worked fine. The problem was handling the paper. Page turns with ForScore work much better.
  4. Great. Thanks for posting this.
  5. This is exactly my concern. A cellphone video is honest in one big respect- it is the exact perspective that that particular audience member sees. The paradox is that the person taking the video is obviously very much enjoying the show. They do not see a bunch of “old bored guys”. That is what I see when I watch the video.
  6. For some reason, fans take cell phone videos of my band's performance and post them on social media. I am in a three piece band- keyboards, drums and guitar/vocals. We are all aging boomers (~67 years old). I can't stand to watch the videos. The music sounds good, but we look like a bunch of bored, old guys on stage. I can assure you that we are not bored, we are having a blast. I am sitting (or standing) behind a keyboard. I am very busy playing, so I am looking down at the keyboard most of the time. I notice that most successful pop stars are smiling constantly. I am told that I always look serious. Oh, well.
  7. Count me in as one of the guys that always wanted a transcription of that solo. Think that it's fabulous. While we're at it, we need a good transcription of the piano intro to "Does anybody really know what time it is" by Chicago Transit Authority. The one that I managed to find was way off.
  8. Another Scott: Bose L1 Pro8. This would be for solo through trio gigs at small venues.
  9. A few of you mentioned that you play keyboards through the Bose L1 Line array speaker. I just played two gigs with a duo that owned one. The owner was not too technical- the setup sounded great for vocals and acoustic guitars, but my keyboard was very bass heavy. I am seriously considering buying one. I checked out the tonematch iphone app. It has presets for about a million different guitars and mics, but only a few for keyboards . I am considering using channel one or two for guitars and or mics, and plugging a small mixer into channel three. Keyboards and one or two other mics would go into the submix. Can any of you Bose L1 owners chime in?
  10. This is great stuff. The musicianship on "Begin the Beguine" is incredible. These guys are really responding to each other- I love the solos, but better yet is how the other instruments support the soloist. The phrasing and the articulation on the accordion solos -- sublime. I dabble with accordion. Can't get used to the bass buttons.
  11. Hate to change the subject, but..... What mode is he riffing on? That is some terrific improv.
  12. This discussion explains why I am using my iPad Pro (with Cubasis and Audiobus) more and more to record. On my Windows machine, there is about a four minute startup, plus constant maintenance of various software license management apps. If you add something, you need to make sure you point to the VST in the DAW. All this stuff takes time. My iPad has no problem talking to my 16 channel Presonus interface. It is (almost ) instantly on. The apps immediately recognize all audio unit devices, etc. In general, a lot less hassle. Updates are automatic. I will be the first to admit that the DAW is more capable than IOS. If Apple ever gets around to porting Logic over to IOS, I probably will never go back to the PC.
  13. Sorry to say, that I also was disappointed in this cover. I have tried to cover this song as a solo piano piece, but couldn't come up with anything satisfying. She is surely a good player. I think that the problem is one of texture and space. The Dire Straits version jumped out because of the unique guitar style, and tone, and sense of space. I think that the best piano covers of guitar songs are totally different arrangement, even deconstructed versions. Check out some videos of "The Bad Plus" or of Jacob Collier
  14. I don't understand the hate for the Gator Cases. I bought a Gator Case for my Yamaha Motif XF8 about 10 years ago. I did at least 500 gigs with this setup, plus countless moves to rehearsals, etc. The case is just starting to show wear in one corner. Zippers work fine. Highly recommended, in my book.
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