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It's Alive!!!! happy -happy- joy -joy


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well today i checked over the amp and picked all the pieces of the old jack off. i then isolated the leads on the jack so they couldn't touch (for testing only) and short out, stuck in the fuse and powered up. yahoo it works perfectly. it passed the test. patches and reverb are fine. all that is needed is a replacement jack and reassembly. the old jack is still intact but the outer casing was destroyed which allowed the internal pieces to move freely and short out. so a replacement is required.

i am happy that my amp is not fried.

to bad the mini van wasn't as easy to get fixed, but that is another story.

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Those really are great amps, I think they should've been more successful with them...


Glad that your's is gonna be alright! :cool::thu:


"No, Wolfie, don' cry; Noooo, Wol-fie, don' cry!"


"E'rything's gonna be alright; e'rything's gonna be alright, yeah!"


With apologies to Bob... ! :D

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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I'm sure happy that your amp is out of the intensive care unit and well on the way to recovery but why the hell did you give him the keys to the van in the first place!


... must have missed this disaster posting and had no idea you were doing derby tricks with the van.


People are all in good shape I take it?

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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darn tootin' revo, the first one i tried before it died was the Bassman patch. and i liked it very much!!! but it was a big comedown when the amp died 5 minutes later. i will load the rest and then they will be ready for action as soon as i get the new jack.

as for the van, i just got it back from the garage. new sway bar and tie rod end. waiting for abs sensors for front.

this was almost my last posting for awhile.

last weekend the pc died, it wouldn't boot. i eventually traced it to my CD drive. right after i shut down today it died again. i got home from the garage and disconnected the cd drive and tada!!! i am back.

i am having a great deal of bad luck with my stuff lately.

oh well.


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