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Add a Bigsby to a Dillion Goldtop LP with P90's?


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I have come up with this combo of goodies while trying to expand my tones.


The Dillion is $390


The Bigsby is $110


Should I go for it???






1 + 1 = 3 ???

...it's Mr Stabby, da da da da da daaaah, da da da da da da daaaah...
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You may also want to replace your stock bridge with one that has roller saddles. I believe Schaller makes one that is not too expensive. It will really help keep your guitar in tune.

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Yeah, go for it, and the roller saddles that Mudcat sagely recommends; or possibly some graph Tech saddles. Also getcha some Archer brand Teflon gel from Radio Shack, to apply to all moving parts and string contact points, including the bridge and nut-slots. A tiny amount will do all you'll need.

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