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Difference between Stereo Memory Man and Deluxe Memory Man? Anyone???


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Can somebody tell me the significant (if there is one) difference between the Stereo and Deluxe models of the EH Memory Man delay? I'm trying to shop the used market and need to figure out if the "deluxe" is necessary for my tastes. I know I like the character of the Memory Man in general, so that's not an issue...just which one.


Thanks in advance!

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The deluxe has a chorus built-in. It's a cool sounding effect, but my recollection is that it is a fixed chorus or one with very little adjustment possibilities. I think its just on or off.


I know the Edge used a Memory Man of some sort on the first two or three U2 albums. I always liked his sound on those records. :thu:

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The EH website has tons of soundclips for every pedal they've got. I suggest visiting there and checking for which one sounds better to you. I think the chorus/delay sounds absolutely beautiful together. And if you're worried about the versatility of the chorus, just don't get rid of your current chorus pedal. I like my Boss CH-1 just fine, I just want something a little more organic sounding. I plan on purchasing a Deluxe Memory Man myself sometime. Probably after I get a tube amp.
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I believe that the main difference between the two is that the Deluxe Memory Man has two outputs, that are wet (effected) and dry (straight, unaffected), whereas the Stereo MM has two effected outputs that are somewhat out-of-phase with one another.


The Deluxe also has more parameter controls, and is the better sounding of the two, in my opinion. The sound of the modulated delays that it can deliver is very warm and rich, a bit different from just straight echo repeats. The echoes sound as if they're swimming in warm water by moonlight!


I could have bought an original oldie a number of years ago for all of twenty or thirty bucks, from a guy who had scored it for a mere ten. I don't know why I didn't, what was I thinking? It sounded so lush!

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