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Anybody read about that new Fender amp?

the stranger

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Originally posted by dr destructo:

The one that isn't a modeling amp. Sounds interesting.


Looked at the schematics the other day.


It doesn't look exactly like what one migh think, sort of a simplified tone control detour after the preamp stage?


They did a killer job getting the eq right on most of the presets, better than any other company I've encountered - that alone should make it sell pretty well. It sounds anemic in the bass to me, and has a sort of coloration in the low treble that doesn't go away, that lends a cheap sound to it. I assume this probably has to do with the all the VCA stuff the signal passes through?


It will be interesting to see how the motors in the controls stand up to the test of time.


They need to put give it a tube output section, make it sound "nicer", and let you bypass the DSP stuff - which is where I think some "cheating" may be occuring.


Flogging an amp as an analog alternative to modeling technology - but running the signal through a DSP into a solid state power amp is kinda silly to me. If they put it in a single space rack package as a preamp, sell it at $799 list they'd have a very cool and popular device I think.




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this amp really sux in a big way-as i have stated many times in this forum i am a stone from picks to tubes, its all

BUT, i brought this baby home and "a/b ed" it w/ a lotta the amps that its tryin to 'emulate' ("innovate dont emulate") i think the add goes-well to me if you have something that says it sounds like something else but isnt-that emulation,no?

i cant believe all the reviews in the guitmags just goin gaga for this

crapola-i know they gotta keep their jobs,but geez-even 'vintage guitar'

said it had their blessings for "re creating some of 'dose ol vintage tones' yikes!! and w/ NO tube power amp section this to me is a major ruse set up on the people-design by commitee, not one unique guy named 'leo fender' who said lets do one thing and make it great, instead of 'lets make one thing that trys to do a hundred things' poorly-i would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at that r/d

meeting where all these suits are just sittin around a room w/ there demoghaphy sheets goin" its gotta have this bell for this age group

and its gotta have this whistle for this group"leos a turnin...

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So get a Twin, a Twin Reverb, or if you r-e-a-l-l-y want to see something scary... (cue Twilight Zone theme)


Get a Tone Master. Point to point hand wired really makes a difference. This amp sings. If you just want to rock out, check out the Sunn Model T. They finally gave up destroying the Sunn name as cheap, disgusting PA gear and put it back on some wonderful amps.





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Originally posted by Chip McDonald:

They need to put give it a tube output section, make it sound "nicer", and let you bypass the DSP stuff - which is where I think some "cheating" may be occuring.


I have tried it extensively and talked to some of the people involved in the design. The tone stacks are all digital so there is no way to bypass the dsp stuff,


Best regards,


Mats Nermark

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