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New Waldorf Stuff!

Les Mizzell

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- 5 emulations of electromechanical pianos;

- 6 effect types;

- High quality loudspeaker system from EMES;

- Audio inputs and outputs;

- Optional: wooden keys and a variety of surfaces (finish?) to chose from;

- Editor to edit and store programs (via USB);



Das Zarenbourg Piano bietet 5 realistische Emulationen bekannter elektromechanischer Tasteninstrumente. Hinzu kommen 6 Effekte, die ebenfalls nach historischem Vorbild modelliert wurden. Das Instrument bietet ein sehr hochwertiges Lautsprechersyste des renommierten deutschen Herstellers EMES mit der Möglichkeit auch externe Instrumente wiederzugeben. Optional kann Zarenbourg mit einer Echtholztastatur und mit verschiedenen Oberflächen geordert werden. USB 2 bietet die Möglichkeit, Eingriffe in die Physikalischen Piano-Modelle und die Effekteinheit vorzunehmen. Die editierten Klänge können als User Presets im Instrument abgespeichert werden.

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The Zarenbourg piano offers 5 realistic emulations of well-known electromechanical key instruments. In addition come 6 effects, which were likewise modelled after historical model. Optionally Zarenbourg with a genuine wood keyboard and with different surfaces can be ordered. USB 2 offers the possibility of making interventions in the physical Piano models and the effect unit. The edited sounds can be stored as a user Presets in the instrument.



Of interest here is the fact that these are modeled, not sampled, and that they are key instruments, not just pianos, so that it presumably includes the clavinet. This looks like the first implementation of the Fatar TP 40/WOOD action. A flat top. How can that be? Isn't that where all the controls and buttons and shit have to go? My, wouldn't a lightweight dual manual Nord organ look nice on top of this? Three keyboards, properly placed and you don't have to bring along an ugly stand.


This is shaping up to be the best NAMM in a long time.



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"An advanced physical modeling sound engine, it provides ultra realistic emulations of five classic electric pianos, including effects. And it features 76 real wood keys*, as well as a top-drawer speaker system. So much for the mundane technical facts.


Nothing that came before rivals its look, touch and feel. It's clearly arrayed, easily understood control panel sports classic powered knobs and indicator selector switches. And the top of its housing offers plenty of room for a full-grown synthesizer. A real player's instrument indeed.


An instrument that delivers to-die-for authenticity. Zarenbourg is a love-at-first-try proposition. And you can personalize this object of your affection by ordering the upper body panel in a color that strikes your fancy**."


Models: Tines, bars, reeds, electric grand, slim electro (whatever that is), custom 1 and 2.


FXs: tremolo, chorus, phaser, flanger, echo, autowah and overdrive.



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Wow - I just got off the phone with their US distributor, and they'll be at NAMM, so you can bet I'm all over this.


Interestingly, their U.S. distro guy is none other than Michael Marans, who was tech editor of Keyboard from '88 - '96. Small world!

Stephen Fortner

Principal, Fortner Media

Former Editor in Chief, Keyboard Magazine

Digital Piano Consultant, Piano Buyer Magazine


Industry affiliations: Antares, Arturia, Giles Communications, MS Media, Polyverse



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I love the looks of the Zarenbourg too. I wonder...


1) How much does it weight

2) Is all that real estate behind the keyboard really necessary, or is it there just to give it a 'Rhodes feel'. :D Maybe long key levers to enhance dynamic control? Or is the space needed for the internal speaker system?

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Definitely curious about cost, weight, and sound... even though at this stage in the game I'm most concerned with portability, it looks like a great little beast. I feel gear lust coming on.



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Nord Electro 5D, Novation Launchkey 61, Logic Pro X, Mainstage 3, lots of plugins, fingers, pencil, paper.

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