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cd-burning prob


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I've been burning 16x from harddisk from .wav to .cda with nero6. But it seems everytime the peaks are slightly distorted when I play them back from the CD. The wav's themselves are fine, so I don't understand why those peaks are so buggered when the music is on the CD. I've burned about 5x now in different speeds, and every burn is messed up in the peaks.


Any idea what this is and how to fix it?

Recently my soundcard died, so I'm using onboard unpatched AC97 as an emergy. Perhaps that has to do with it?


Please some expert advice! I surely need it.

Oh yea, it's piano-music, normalized fine, 0db cap, the wavs work fine, the CD brands I'm using are tdk cd-r80.



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One thing I'd do : convert one of the .cda problematic tracks back to .wav and hear (or look using a wave editing software) if it still distorts.


If it distorts too once back to wave, something wrong is happening during wav-->cda transfer. If it's now sounding just fine, then the problem is the CD player - faulty cable between it and the PC/Mac input, or some distortion is happening elsewhere (mixer software, soundcard, etc.).

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Originally posted by davorp:

Try Roxio's Easy CD Creator it is better to manipulating multimedia for burning then Nero.



I also believe nero 6 isn't ideal. I've had issues with Nero and switched to soemthing cheap like Cakewalk Pyro and gotten much better results.

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