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Keyboard Stand Preferences?


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Originally posted by Mr. Nightime:

Have they gotten their US distribution problems solved?

Yes, they have a new distributor and stands are now available. I just recently purchased a QuikLok Z-726 and Z-726L with accessories, and I am muy feliz!
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Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. Having looked at most of them - I'm thinking a two tiered QuikLoc M91/M92 Monolith setup looks like it will fit my needs best. Now comes the challenge of finding one - stock checks at most places that list the product suggest that most everybody is out of stock! Yikes!
The SpaceNorman :freak:
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I was impressed at the speed at which I could set up a WS-550 I used on a performance the other day. Doesn't fold down to be the smallest but there's always trade offs here and there. Not sure how easy it is to adjust the height on it though. I'm gonna seek one out as I fancy maybe purchasing one for myself.
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I must say it was nice to see some defence of the good old X stand. I, for one, started out using an old ironing board on stage, later upgraded to a newer ironing board (was all i could afford at the time) and finally got a Quik Lok X for my birthday more than 20 yrs ago. It has been the longest serving part of my rig and never let me down (literally). I have seen X stand collapse, but not well built or designed ones.


Recently after joining this forum and another one that some of you contribute to, I managed to score an Invisible Stand and import what I think is probably a unique item downunder. I used it out live for the first time recently to make a "Ham-Roll" (XK-3 over an old EP-50 as a controller for a Kurz PC2R). I love it, but in terms of convenience, it cannot come close to the X stand.


Obviously, the X stand has limitations if you like to play standing up as I once did. Sitting down it is fine for my one keyboard gigs (which is most of them).

I like to move it, move it (except The Wurly which can be a bit temperamental and the 122 for obvious reasons)
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im a tall keyboard player and im over the mooon with my Quiklok Z-72


Best stand i have ever owned, i also bought the wheels for it so you can just wheel it on!




In Quikloks Catalogue it says its compatible with the mic boom attachment, correction: ITS NOT!


Its only compatible if you DONT connect the 2nd Tier, i still use the mic boom with the 2nd tier, but it juts out the back quite a way...


i used to own the APEX, see my previous thread here...



Roland Fantom X8 (SRX-04, SRX-07, SRX-11, SRX-12) - Yamaha Motif ES7 - Kawai MP11 - Hammond XK-1C - Korg TR Rack - Korg SG Rack - Quiklok Z72 - Quiklok SL930 - Electrovoice SXA360's





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The QuikLok WS550 and attachments looks pretty good to me.


I saw it used at a recent gig, asked the player--a very big man--he's had it for years and says he can sit on it...very heavy duty and folds down nicely. I'm going to get it as I use a bass pedal board and almost nothing else I've found leaves room for the pedal board plus sustain and volume pedals (I use lots of organ sounds).


It's available at ZZounds WS50 (also shows the second board attachment) , and there's a vendor who sells the basic stand on EBay -- and attachments separately for a second keyboard, shelves for mixers/modules, & other stuff.


I currently use a Z stand and it's rock solid -- not that difficult to fold. If I didn't need the space for the pedal board, it would be my choice for sure.

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this is a copy of a post I made in October on the Clavia yahoo post:

I do not remember the brand name of my stand but it is

the "Z" type stand.This is not the one that folds

completely flat, but it does compress in width and length.The

upper tier mounts have to come out unless you just fold them

down and away.

The reason I write this to you , is that this week I had to

make a modification, which is something you may want to

incorporat into your esigns. I use a Korg TR on top and the

NE 61 at the bottom, ,and , as solid as this fabulous stand

is, it almost fell forward when I bumped it from behind.

This is weird. The unit only gets more stable the higher you

set the 2 keyboards, as the "moment " or Center of Gravity

moves further back (towards the player) as you raise the

height on the "Z".It is like grade 9 science, the study of

the lever. The fulcrum when sitting is at the forward base of

the "Z".

What i did was unscrew the forward hinge point at the base.

and drilled one new hole about 4 " inside from where the

push snap is, and moved the entire upper section with itz "z"

bar, back 4 ". This now leaves about 4 .5 " of forward foot

ahead of the downward "z" bar, and in effect the load is no

longer at the fulcrum.

It works great.

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