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Oasys query


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Originally posted by Keybass:

I'm interested in possibly getting an Oasys (88 key version). My only hesitation is that Korg will introduce an upgraded version at NAMM.


Is there any word out there regarding this possibility?

My guess is that since the OASYS is software based, any upgrades will be applicable to any current units. A large part of the pitch on the unit is based on that, I believe.


I imagine at one point it's possible that there may be a scaled down version/spinoff product or two, but I have a hard time believing that they'd make an upgraded version that would exclude the people who've supported it since it's release.





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I think both Dave and Soundscape are right here. Korg will either release a new workstation that probably uses Oasys technology and it may be in the form of an Oasys lite. My other thoughts were to wait and see what comes out at Namm and if its nothing that grabs you pick up an Oasys. Who knows you might get lucky and they may drop the price of the Oasys.

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an upgraded version of the Oasys ?


If you buy an Oasys today, you would have access to all software updates. So would all Oasys customers. Thats why they forked over



NAMM is 7 weeks away, why don't you wait if you are concerned ?

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