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This Binary Universe


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I really dig this cd. BT has such an understanding of time/space. When he sees an 1/8 note he must see 24000 ticks or something...more than us mere mortals. I would love to watch him work sometime. I'd also love to see him and say...Mark Isham do a project together. Have they? Seems like a cool match.




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I noticed that BT and Thomas Dolby are touring together, including a stop in my neck of the woods at The Birchmere in northern Virginia on December 22nd. Has anyone caught the tour? Are these two artists who would be good to see live? (I picture this concert being more akin to watching two DJs than seeing live music performed, but that may be my own biases at play.) Thoughts, anyone?



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He's still making it - he told me he has a new dance-oriented album coming out soon. But TBU is a record he'd always wanted to make, and I'm thrilled to see someone with the kind of mainstream weight he has do something this experimental.

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I have everything BT has put out, but I'm having trouble listening to this one. I even timed a track with a stopwatch, to make sure my CD player wasn't skipping. I guess I don't have quite the rhythmic ear to follow this one. I'm still giving it some time, though; I didn't understand Beauty and the Beast the first couple of spins, either.


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