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Forum is SO Darn Slow


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Hey Tom! You missed me?! :D Baaa. I've been here all along. Getting tied up in the world of midi. You'll never guess... I can pick a single note now, and move it. After I've recorded it! Weird.


Missed you too. :D

"........! Try to make It..REAL! compared to what? ! ! ! " - BOPBEEPER
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Originally posted by Ernie Rideout:

The bottom line: You guys are extremely important to us. And don't even get me started about how important Dave Bryce is to us, and to me personally. I'd go on for days.



Man I can feel the love here and on this note I feel this is as good a time as any to ask. Do you have a way to get/give me any free keyboards or software after you review it?


Begin the day with a friendly voice A companion, unobtrusive

- Rush

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The site is really creeping even slower than usual today (11/21/06). I say this not to pester you, but for one reason only:


It's great knowing that an upgrade is somewhere in the offing, but it would be a real shame if this site crashed before then, and all of this data was permanently lost. I hope that you guys are making backups in the interim...

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