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Billy Payne and Steve Nathan on the same album -- Bonus

Mr. Nightime

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I just got the new Bob Seger album, Face the promise, and what a bonus. Billy Payne on "Wait For Me" and Steve Nathan on "The Answer's In the Question". Nice work by both.


At first listen, nice album. Bob's sounding pretty good.


During the same visit to iTunes, I got Robben Ford's Blue Moon. Nice piano & organ work by Neil Larson.


Always nice to find little bonuses like that when you purchase music.

"In the beginning, Adam had the blues, 'cause he was lonesome.

So God helped him and created woman.


Now everybody's got the blues."


Willie Dixon






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Thanks for the compliment Mr. NT. I hadn't heard the CD yet and didn't know that track had made the final cut.



I was getting my hair cut and Bob's "against the wind" was playing...


That's some nice playing on well concieved parts.

Both on piano and b3


Was that billy ?


This was discussed a while ago to no settled conclusion, but as I said then, I always thought that it was Barry Beckett on Against the Wind. It sure sounds like him.

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