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My Hammond XK-1 has arrived...


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The long-awaited day is finally here. My retailer called me late yesterday to tell me that my new Hammond XK-1 -- which had evidently been lost in transit -- has finally arrived and is ready for me to pick up.


I've scrapped my plans for the evening (sorry, Trish) and intend to give it a full workout after I pick it up after work. I'll also be gigging with it tomorrow night.


Expect a full review shortly. If there's anything specific you'd like to know, post away.


Yay. :D



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Congrats on your purchase. As for your review, I would be particularly interested in a comparison between the XK-1, XK-3, and NE2 as per the Leslie sim and piano tones, that's assuming the B3 sound on the XK-1 is comparable to the B3 sounds on the other two. Thanks!
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there was quite a long thread comparing the XK1 to Electro recently. you might want to check that one out too.


my xk1 was a struggle in the beginning. i found the preset system and menus extremely confusing (and still do to a certain extent).


took me a while to adapt to the sound too after 5 years with the Electro. now i'm really enjoying it. I use the sound "Funky 2" in the first bank as the basis for all my sounds, that patch seems to have the tonewheels and leslie dialed in just the way I like it.

hang out with me at woody piano shack
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I bought my XK-1 in Chicago, in a Hammond dealer.

My impression, wow... A really great sound!


A really great product.


The only other clonewheels I know are the VK-8 and the XK-3, and I can tell the XK-1 is great... I do not regret my decision. It is almost half of the price of the XK-3, for the same sound...


I wrote a review on it, still trying to find a magazine to publish it [ :) ]...

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