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I'm Looking for a keytar.


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I've always wanted one of these keytars (keyboard on a strap like a guitar).


I've looked in the music store but for a midi controller they are really expensive new!

I have yet to find a decently priced one on ebay.


Does anyone want to sell one out of their gear archive?


Oh and has anyone ever used one of those wireless midi systems? I'm just curious how well they work.



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Its around five hundred dollars if your budget range can let you go that far.


You could also go on eBay and buy something, a lot of people sell their old Yamaha keytars.

Casio WK 3200: $250.00

Behringer Ultratone FX900: $180.00

Roadrunner bag: $40.00

Intrument cable: $25.00

Radioshack Stand: $10.00

Rocking out of the cheapest equipment you can find: priceless.

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Actually a lot of new bands are starting to use them... they add to the live show.


Hmmm... I guess I'll just have to ebay an older one because the $500 is out of my range.


I'm always attracted to modified things but the current midi controllers use such flimzy plastic that you cant put a strap on them so I guess I'llhave to break down and get a real keytar.


I saw a cool old moog one on ebay but it didnt include any midi and I need that.

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Originally posted by Moog_Man:

are keytars in fashion? I always considered them cheesy 80s, but im waiting for someone to prove me wrong :D

Leisure suits were in fashion, too. And they were cheesy. So are keytars.


I wonder if any guitarists want pitch bend controllers on their guitars? :D

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I'm Looking for a keytar...Stop. :D:D:D
phestic, bless your heart in wanting to give the folks their $$$s worth when it comes to your live show. ;)


However, it is actually a lot cooler for keyboard players to either sit down and/or stand up nowadays.


Besides, do you really want to grab that Bb7#11 in your left hand and do a nice run on a keytar? :D


But, if you really insist on prancing around with one, check Ebay. :(


I believe it is a Yamaha KX something. :cry::cool:



"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."--E. Ahbez "Nature Boy"

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If you want to try something out before dropping a lot of money on a keytar, take a look at this:




Sort of an acoustic version.



aka âmisterdregsâ


Nord Electro 5D 73

Yamaha P105

Kurzweil PC3LE7

Motion Sound KP200S

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Rolls PM55P


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