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Ensoniq TS-12? Good idea? Bad Idea?

Ipso Facto

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Okay, I'm realtively new to the synth world. I'm considering buying a 61 key (Yamaha S03 or Roland Juno D). I'd perfer something with a few more keys, though (76 or 88 whichever I can get).A friend of mine owns a TS12, which he said he'd be willing to sell to me for about the same price as I could get the s03 used ($300-400). Its quite used and was used in a Beatles coverband for a rather long time. I know the TS12 is pretty old, but do you think its worth it as a first/second keyboard? Or is it just too outdated? I'd intend to use it live.


Also, opinions on the Juno D and Yamaha s03 would be appreciated.

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A local music shop had actually quit carrying Ensoniq back in the day as returned units were always swamping their repair shop. Yet, I know of a couple folks locally (one extremely talented/busy) who still use theirs.


If you're using it for live work, you may want to LIFT it, and then lift your other choices, before making a decision. ;)


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The TS12 is fairly heavy compared to its smaller sibling the TS10. But if you need more than 61 keys, its a nice board. Weighted action, after touch too. Unfortunatley, they're out of business.


I never had any problems with my TS10, but I heard of players having trouble with some of their earlier KB's.


Mike T.

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I still have my Ensonic KS32 which I believe came out a year or two before the TS10. It 76 key weighted and is retired now and only does rehearsal. Only problem I ever had was the Fatar keybed. I have a few floppy weights or something now that make noise you can hear when playing solo or softly but it still plays and sounds fine. The acoustic piano is dated but still sounds better than the Ac. piano on my Radio Shack DP4073 (Casio).


$300 would make a decent controller. Then add on with an upper keyboard when you can.



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