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New Roland Keyboard


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Now this looks INTERESTING !


As a longtime singer wannabee, I can see gettin' in the door by cheatin' a little!


Hmmmm........is this...a.......well......a.........VOCODER of sorts?


I really wanted to look into vocoders until a few weeks ago. But, hey, this is something a little more sophisticated!




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Apparently its a VSynth Vocal Designer VC-2 card in its own box. I have read somewhere that its not quite as good as the VC2 though...


I really likethe VC-2 in my VSYnth although I think I really need to program it because the voices all tend to sound the same after a while..

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I personally found the voice sounds to be rather cheezy. I see no use for it unless you regularly play music by the Beach Boys, or music of the 50's. Now if they could make me sound like Usher, Stevie Wonder or Brian McKnight, Then we could talk....
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I've found you can do some nice Brazilian style scat solos if you MIDI it with piano then do a solo... its abit hit and miss though...


Theres some nice patches in there but they don't seem quite right.. can't put my fingr on it really.. sometimes I think its the fx being a bit lacklustre.. other times I just think the voices tend to all sound like the same person...


Theres a nice patch called Requiem that has a gregorian chant kind of feel.... also I've found if you mess with some patches and add portamento while playing raga scales you can get some nice Indian sounding voices..


But overall its an acquired taste I think.


Btw, the normal vocoder patches (VP330 style) sound pretty good I think

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