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Help! Need Xmas chord changes...


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Hey all,


I've got a gig on Thursday and Friday night with my trio, and they want to hear Christmas music. Does anyone know of a website that has decent changes to the most common Christmas songs? Hip changes are fine, but all I can seem to find are adverts for books and changes that are questionable at best.


Obviously asking for full lead sheets is illegal, and that is not what I'm asking for. A chord sheet with no melody (AFAIK) is perfectly legal, which is what I need.


Please help! My bass player will thank you :)

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There's a Christmas Fake Book that has about 90% of what you'd need, plus some cool stuff you'd never expect (like You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch). I forget the publisher - I'll try to check tonight. I think I bought it at Border's.



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