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I'm getting a PEK/PER combo! :)

Dave The Rave

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Sorry Markyboard - you'll get one soon enough - I feel it in the wind.....or is that just more GAS? :D


Dan - I gotta have all 8 voices - even if I don't use 'em all the time. I have a spare 1u rack hole in my system just begging for the PER, so I couldn't resist.... :)


Tom - patches - sure - after I get done learning how to drive it. I :love: messing around with "analogue" synths - the PEK/PER is gonna be my dream machine for sure!


David - thanks! :thu: - I hope I'll be a worthy member. Prolly try it out on the KC #11 CD. Hey, are you in charge of that thing? Who's going to do the mixing/mastering this time? Cover art? etc.? Perhaps we could get Steve Fortner or Ernie or someone from Keyboard mag write the dedication to Bob? I'm sure if we (you?) ask nicely, they'd be honored.


Cheers m'dears,


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Hey Dave,


That'll make two of us doing PEK goodness for the CD :thu:


I'm not in charge as such - although I was the one that asked if it was too early for Vol 11. I'm hoping someone will put up their hand for mastering as that certainly ain't my skill set,plus everyone having to send their tracks to Australia is probably not the most efficient.... ;)


Great idea about the dedication - I will post something in the Vol 11 thread about that :thu:

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Originally posted by Dave, the Rave:

I cracked. The GAS got me. I'm getting a DSI PEK/PER combo for my studio. Yeeehaaaa!!! :thu::)



Congrats :)


I suppose that you're the man to publish a few Evolver demos on the web that are more reasonable than my demos.

Shouldn't be too difficult regarding for example the followin sonic mayhem:


Lovely 2 CU :D


I suppose it's strange enough that Will Gregory won't notice that I borrowed his chords and theme ;)

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