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My American Electro's Arrived!?!?


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The American reference in the title is ironic. Why, you ask?


Well, overall I'm very happy with this purchase - the transaction was smooth, delivery was free (in fact, I recommend importing this item to the UK - it's saved me a full £250 [$460]off the local RRP!), and the service so far's been great.


Anyway, my Electro arrived this morning and I was so pleased that I returned the Electro I'd been auditioning for so long :D . So I get home, gingerly unpack my new treasure, and set it up. Last to come was the power lead, but oh horror - it was a 110V American plug! I'd forgotten all about that little detail.


So, instead of having already logged several hours breaking in the KB, I've been trying to find the best (read fastest :mad: ) way of switching the voltage.


Now I'm no tech head, but I understand this model has a built-in voltage switch (from 110V-240V), which means I'd have to get an authorised tech over to do this little job under the cover - otherwise I lose my warrantee.


So I'm wondering: is it possible to use a voltage transformer to to do the same job? Please help :confused: ...

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