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Yep,it'll be 2003 in about 9 hours,I'm off to do an afternoon shift.I'm going to knock off at 11 jump into the shower then hopefully catch the remains of a fireworks display on the way to my mates place who should have a party in full swing with a jam session on his front porch. Thanks to all you regulars for bringing some humor to SSS in 2002.Have a good new years. Cheers Mark V.
I once had a quasi-religious experience..then I realised I'd turned up the volume.
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May each and everyone of you continue to be blessed in all your endeavors. No gigs tonite. A few friends in different bands are playing. I'll be home with the wife and kids. SSS rocks!!!!



Famous Musical Quotes: "I would rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve" - Xavier Cugat

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