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On a previous posting DKeenum tipped us on a wonderful website commenting on Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones keyboards. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique opportunity to find out which instrument played which part on songs I have known for a long time. Now IMHO that's the best way to register in your memory exactly how does a given instrument (E.G. a Pianet, a Mellotron) sound, which ultimately enriches your musical perception and palette. Thanks DKeenum :thu: !


I'd like to know more sites like this one. If anybody has a link in this regard and does not mind sharing it, I'd love to be informed. I can start it up by suggesting a great site for fans of the irreplaceable Freddie Mercury's Queen and musical instruments in general: http://sebastian.queenconcerts.com/index.htm. Now I pass you guys the ball, let's hear from you.

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Originally posted by InTheDark:

remember reading the record liners while listening to your fav bands, would always say who played what eg lead guitar, drums etc. Too bad they didn't name all the names of the keys used!

Sometimes Kansas and ELO listed equipment. Don't remember how detailed they got. Haven't looked at those old LPs in a while.
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