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Clavia and Customer Support


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I just wanted to comment on customer support for a minute. I have to say that Clavia is great with this. One of the best I've seen from a keyboard company. I emailed a bunch of companies with questions about synths and midi and Clavia got back to me quickly with specific answers, I would be more inclined to buy their products given the fact they care about their customers and people who are interested in their products.


Thank you Clavia and Employees

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I've contacted Clavia support a couple of times on a MIDI - controller issue and also to add my name to the "want reverb" list. They were courteous, thorough and timely with their answers and said the requests had made their "wish list" for future OS upgrades.


Here for the gear.

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Oh man. Do I have a (positive) customer-service story regarding Clavia, and moreso, their North American distributor Armadillo.


I have a Nord Electro keyboard. I was using it to record a part for a CD I'm working on, had it connected to the computer/Digi 001 interface via MIDI and audio. I do this to test out sounds; so, I play a "placeholder" part once, switch patches and effects around to see how I like it, and this way I don't have to keep playing the same thing over and over. When it comes time to really record, I play an audio part ...


But anyway, I had just listened the MIDI sequence played back, decided to nudge a note within Pro Tools ... I did this, and I went back to the keyboard and it had frozen!


Long story short, it was fried. I had, through various channels, gotten in contact with one of the co-owners at Armadillo, Elliott ... he sent me a new Boot PROM, thought that might be the problem. that didn't fix it, so he suggested I either ship the keyboard to Armadillo, or use a service center near me.


My board is past warranty, so it was going to cost me either way, I figured. So, I brought it to my service center. The guy couldn't figure out what went wrong! So, I told Elliott this, and later that day a guy from Armadillo called me back and said someone from FedEx would be picking up my board first thing the next day! Gave me tips on how to pack it, etc.


A few days and a few phone conversations with one of their techs later, my Nord arrives on my doorstep, via FedEx. I wasn't charged a dime ... I guess they felt bad. Apparently is was a very unusual issue, first they'd ever seen. And the keyboard works like it's supposed to!


In short, those guys rock. Armadillo just ... rocks.

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Yeah. I can't do anything but agree. I had a slightly problem with keys that were stuck. Just went to their office here in Stockholm and they fixed it in 15 minutes without any charge whatsoever.


Thanks for caring...


Proud owner of a Nord Electro 61

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That is probably way most of my friends have only Clavia instruments (besides the sound). I'm one of the last without Clavia instrument but I hope to soon change that.



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