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Nord Lead 2 vs. Nord Lead 3 - Keyboard Actions


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Hello folks,


I owned a Nord Lead 1 for a couple of years and liked it very much. So much that I am now considering one of its successors. I am well-versed on the synth differences between NL1, NL2, NL3. I assume that the NL1 and NL2 keyboard actions are the same. The NL3 has aftertouch, so I'm thinking it may have a different action altogether. I've not played a NL3, so I'm hoping someone can give some details here on how the NL3 keyboard feels compared to the NL2 or NL1. I was never too blown away with the light synth action on the NL1. Did it improve on the NL3?




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Huge difference in the action. I own a NL2 and have played the Nl3 several times.


Much prefer the NL2 action. The keys are very light and fast with a very positive feeling.


The NL3 feels roughly the same until you press for the aftertouch. When the aftertouch engages the keys feel like they "give way" and clunk down and extra 5mm or so. Feels terrible. You should really try one before you buy...

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