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Guess I'm just a moron (Keyboard/Workstation Design)


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I was in a music store last week, and decided to check out a new Yamaha workstation.


Whoever had been playing it previously left it set for themselves. I wanted to hear the base piano sounds, but could not seem to press the right sequence of buttons to get a simple piano sound from the thing!!!!


I was a network admin for years and currently design software; I'd like to think I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to computer systems. Am I expecting too much to want the sound selection process on my keyboard to be simple? Should I have to read the manual to get a simple piano sound?


Had I been insterested in buying a workstation, I certainly lost that interest.

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Triton's cool. I'll agree with you. But if you were going to pack a workstation with 85MB of wave ROM (i.e. MOTIF), wouldn't you make it really EASY to get to a straight piano sound?


In fact, if I remember correctly, the MOTIF has a category search too. Somehow I couldn't get it to work, though. I'm sure I was doing something wrong, but seems like it should be nearly impossible not to do it right.


I'll stand by my assertion that the major innovations we'll see in Synths in the future won't have to do with specs, but rather with usability. At least, that's what I hope.

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if something like that ever happens to me i either just switch it off of try to find the menu where i can re-initialise all the sounds (naughty). actully once thing i wanted to do whilst i worked in music retail was to go to our competitor's store and change the temperment on yamaha clavinovas to something bizarre like phyrigian so that when they went to demo them it would sound all out of tune. and turning it off doesn't reset it.....naughty. :eek:


pray for peace,


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I think i have figuered it out. While they are called work-stations the truth is they cause work as much or more than they do work. Anyone for a musical creativity station perhaps?


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