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Well if we're gonna talk sport

Dr Nursers

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Originally posted by nursers:

Third test starts today in Perth, Aus vs NZ


I predict Steve Waugh will get his first century in Perth.



Cricket? Aussie football? Midget Throwing?

Games I know even less about. Sounds intresting.


If you start a survivors pool, I'm in!




What do we want? Procrastination!

When do we want it? Later!

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yeah i reckon steve will rise to the challenge. dave did you see that there's a new 12th man cd coming out this week? it's called the last dig and is about richie benaud retiring. they had billy birmingham (the 12th man) on the panel this week. best show.


have you seen www.baggygreen.com.au? it's got live scores if you can't get to a tv. gillespie has taken 3/39.

warnie is still my hero. have you ever been to a one-dayer? i suppose living in sydney you would huh? i went to one in 95 - australia 2 vs england. "...you fat english bastard give us a wave!!!!!!!".



"Consider how much coffee you're drinking - it's probably not enough."
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