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$%^#*&! - Trying to import CD tracks into Logic on Mac


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Man, this is frustrating! I'm trying to import audio from a CD into Logic on a Mac. Unfortunately, Logic can't see the audio files on the CD. I tried a MasterLink CD24 cd (ISO 9660 CD-ROM with 24-bit AIFF files). Same thing. Logic refuses to acknowledge that any files exist on the disk. I tried copying the files to the hard drive - same problem. What am I missing here? Quick time can read the CD24 files. iTunes can read the Red Book files. Do I need some sort of conversion program for Logic to read them.


Going nuts!!!!!!!!

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Yes, but I forget exactly how that worked in the older SW. There is a "backup" and there is CD24. The difference is that the backup is unrendered (no dynamics, fades etc) but the files contain this info (track names, level etc.) while a CD24 copy is the file in its original data rate (up to 96k/24) with any process printed (ie destructive).


I'd splurge and archive both ways just to be sure.




Still trying to limit my posts to one at a time (at the risk of repeating myself, LOL)

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