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Billy Joel on A&E

Blues Disciple

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Just finished watching a show on the A&E network entitled "Billy Joel: In His Own Words" The whole show was Billy by himself (for the most part--Richard Joo, his collaborator on Joel's new classical piano CD) at the piano talking about his songs and playing many of his hits. It was outstanding! Besides the obvious talent, it was great to hear the stories behind the songs. Also it showed Billy in a down-to-earth format: He had four notebooks of his lyrics with him because he couldn't remember the words to many of the songs, he had to have the tech guy come out and program the Kurzweil for "just the way you are", and he started "Piano Man" with the harmonica in the holder upside down. The classical pieces were touching and beautiful and "killer"---I may have to buy that CD too!


Wonderful show.....anyone else see it?




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Great special. I particularly liked Billy playing material, like Phil Spector and The Beatles, that influenced his own.


Did not care for his "classical" efforts, though. Sounds conceptually thin for the genre, like flowery embelishments on very "Billy Joel-esque" chord voicings. I'd just rather have him (and Macca, too) stick with his strengths.

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