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Good all round workstation?


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Hi all


Im wanting (CRAVING) for a better synth/workstation. At the moment I use a Technics KN1400 http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/frown.gif I am after a good all round synth for the music that I wish to do which is Rnb ala DAngelo, Alicia Keys. My songs generally just use a basic structure of Drum, Bass and something playing the chords usually an organ or an EP. Now I dont need anything too fancyjust something thats gonna inspire me to play and not to puke like my current keys. Im from Sydney Oz, and our dollar is so bad that we cant afford anything decent here. I have been looking at these keys and their price in Aussie dollars. I only wish to spend around $2-3K less if at all possible.


XP60- $2Kish, Trinity- $4ish, Motif-DREAM ON DREAM ON i think Ill keep on dreaming. its around $5 or more, and same story with the triton. No other manufacturer seems to exist here. I dont want to get a controller and midi it to a module. I need real keys. I hope somebody can suggest something.





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What about a used K2500? Excellent ROM samples, very good sequencer, add RAM (and potentially a CD-ROM drive) and you can import samples such as like current R&B drum loops. There are usually plenty of Kurzweil keyboards on E-Bay, but I wouldn't know anything about shipping costs to Australia.


Even a used Roland XP-xx keyboard could be a great way to go. Good luck.

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If you want to save money, don't get a workstation. Get a synth without a sequencer and use your computer as the sequencer.


That will save you a boatload of cash; plus, you'll end up with a much more powerful and flexible sequencer that you'll be able to upgrade regularly and keep no matter what synth you end up owning.


Don't I remember you saying that you already have Cubasis? Is there some specific reason that you want the workstation?





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Thanks for the replies. Anymore feedback??


Dave- few reasons why I wanted a workstation although you do now sway me.

*Avoid frustration of PC setbacks. ie Blue Screen of Death.

*Ability to walk away from the PC and do some work. Anywhere.

*Workstation would not allow me to have a wallpaper of Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba( the Dark Angel chick), JAss I mean Jlo or some other honey or to browse the net and engage in interesting discussion with other gear junkies, thus eliminating the risk of procrastination.



However I am now looking more towards a synth module.

My hopes and aspirations and LUST point towards a TRITON, XV or a MOTIF(does that come with JLos rack, I mean in a rack?) but my wallet will probably AT A STRETCH accommodate a JV1010. What other cheap alternatives are there?? Is there a soft synth option??


My first keys that I learned on was a YAMAHA PSR series.I found it after some owner abandoned it in a shopping centre carpark. Im going to keep hanging round that carpark in hope that that same owner purchased a MOTIF and will do the same http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif ONe could only hope. I wonder whats more likely, finding that MOTIF or scoring a record deal.


Thanks again guys, this forum has great entertainment value. A little too entertaining. I upgraded my PC from a trusty Pentium 233Mhz 64RAM to an AMD 1Ghz 256 Ram and I though I would begin recording straight away, instead im sitting here amazed at how my PC handles numerous Windows Explorer applications. So instead of writing im talking to you folks, browsing the charts hoping my name will be there one day and admiring Alicia Keys' assets.


Thanks a lot people





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Well, sense I`m from Sarajevo, Bosnia, I figure we have similar financial assets. What about Yamaha S80? It`s all you want, plus you can expand it and it`s way cheaper than everything else, or if that is not enough, you can allways go for the S30, it`s little brother.



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Yeah I heard a demo of S80. the other day. I quite liked it. Though its not a MOTIF. I dunno about 88keys. S30 is only 61 isnt it???


I must be sick in the head but I love the keybed of the Roland XPs.


I wouldnt mind finding a used XP30 with those boards built in. That synth is right on the money here.


Does anybody in the forum produce Rnb or Hip Hop or Pop with an Rnb tinge? Id love to hear the methods you guys are undertaking in terms of sequencing and sounds.


Cheers from Downunder




PS Does anybody know of Craig David? Those of you in the States, whats the response towards him over there?? My music keeps getting compared to his and it makes me so ****** off. No one seems to know Rnb here in Sydney. Anything with heavy drums or a dark skin guy is pretty much Rnb. Geez.

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If you dont need a sequencer, I say go back to the Yamaha PSR. They have a sequencer, but the PSR sequencers are toys. But you can get some pretty decent sounds from the PSR when you play with the reverbs and other editing functions. Layer the organs sounds, like the rotary organ with about 40% added cheese organ, sounds great. Not quite a Hammond, but most people wont know. Or maybe I just had a good one? When you get up into the 740s, now your talking real stuff. Not pro stuff, but not kid stuff either. Hooked up to a decent amp,...POWER! Casey


But why do I keep dreaming about a Triton?

 "Let It Be!"

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My sequencer I use is a PC w/ Cubasis. I love it.



The sounds are from a Technics KN1400. THe YAMAHA was not a high series one it was like PSR 200 something. Very very uncool in every sense.


ANybody know how much editing capabilities or *ahem expansions my Technics can do??? Id love to mess around with this thing and get halfway decent sounds while i save for a Roland module. Pricewise here in Australia, nothing seems to match Roland. Korg Triton racks here are about $5000 while XV5080s are around $4000. Im eyeing a use JV1080 for the $1300 ballpark. By the time I save up for it (hopefully early 2002), this may have come down.


Ive no idea why but here in Oz everyone seems to be using ROland, some Korgs, a very few Emus and Yamahas. KUrzweils seems to be unheard of. Any Aussies here know why that is??

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I agree with Mzegar. The Kurzweil K2500 is really a cool keyboard, wish I had one. It is interesting that you don't have a Kurzweil product out there. Try these links, Musician's friend at www.musiciansfriend.com and Sweetwater Sound at www.sweetwater.com . Musician's Friend is one discount catalog here in the states, and Sweetwater Sound deals with people that need advice and have many products that you have mentioned and are interested. Sweetwater Sound has a lot of Kurzweil sounds, much they pioneered themselves and developed in their studios. I've visited their studios several times. The people there will get you what you need. Ask for a catalog from them.


I myself have an Alesis Q6 and this baby is nice keyboard, the Q7.1 is really sweet.


I'm not set-up with my computer as the main set-up yet, I in the near future. I have friends that have Paris as the main computer based control system and board, results using this system sounds really good, and less than 1/2 the price of basic ProTools.


Thats all I can offer right now.


Nice to talk to you folks over seas http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif, I'm from Michigan.


Jazzman http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/cool.gif

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