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please welcome a new keyboard from Korg...


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I tried to get into the specs but the system DOES NOT allow me to get in...



I guess KORG has left some KARMA LCD's and "bodies" and decided to re-launch TRITON... http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif

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I never understood where Korg comes up with the names of their keyboards? What's up with the Triton, the Trinity, the Karma? Where's the relationship between the Synth and the name??? Hello!!!


Am I supposed to think the Triton is the king of underwater synths? I guess the LE would stand for Lobster Edition.


Just musing!!




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Originally posted by tuttorney@hotmail.com:

What's up with the Triton, the Trinity, the Karma? Where's the relationship between the Synth and the name???


I don't know about the other two, but KARMA is an acronym for Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture, and refers to Steven Kay , who wrote the software that makes KARMA's Generated Effects. He's a smart man, and a brilliant musician...he did the autodemo in the Quadrasynth Plus Piano - it's amazing!


He called the software Sorcerer the first time I saw it, and from what I understand he tried to sell it to a few companies (including Alesis), but Korg was the one who finally licensed it from him.


He demos the KARMA himself at trade shows.





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Speaking of tritons and karmas, some days ago I was browsing a keyboard magazine (a spanish one), then I saw this double-page korg advertisement where they talk about "version two of the triton keyboard". Then lower in the page they list some of the features, and finally add: "and version 2 comes packed with new features!".


Triton version 2? The photo looked the same to me as a regular 61 key triton keyboard. I suppose they were referring to the last version of the operative system, weren't they? I'm very new to all the "techonology" side of this world (the models, features, etc) so maybe there was a Triton 1 and a triton 2, but I think that there isn't such thing as a triton 1 and 2 (unless they consider triton 1 the trinity). Misleading information?


Regarding the Triton LE, if it's real, I (personally) don't like it. I've been considering getting a Triton, and if I eventually did, the main reason would be the sequencer+big touchscreen (I don't mean it's the only reason to buy it -- but it's the reason that makes you take the final decision when you are considering several workstation models). This screen doesn't seem to be touch sensitive, and of course is smaller (like half size).




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If it were up to me, the "Lite" version of Triton (which is probably what the LE stands for) would be just like a KARMA, except Silver, and with the Triton's dual arpeggiator replacing the KARMA function.


Of course, this could translate into a street price that should be less than a KARMA.

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